Key Milestones

  • 1996
    1. Qson Kitchen Equipment Pte Ltd (QKE) was founded by 3 directors, Sally Chua, Alan Lee and Frankie Cheng. Leveraging on the collective experience for fabrication, sales and service, the founders of QKE were set to blaze the trail for commercial kitchen industry.

      From a 300-sq foot office cum warehouse cum workshop, space constraint became a major problem when sales exponentially increased.

  • 1998
    1. January

      To accommodate the increase in staff to 10, QKE relocated to our current premises at Commonwealth Drive with a grand total of 1,900+ sq. ft. We are still in the business of fabrication of stainless steel products, eg. Kwali, cabinets, shelvings, etc albeit at a break neck speed of expansion.

    2. July

      A burgeoning demand in service, repair and maintenance for every type and model of commercial kitchen equipment prompted QKE to set up a dedicated Service Department. In addition to after-sales service support of QKE Sales Department, our Service Department was challenged to handle service and repair support for every type and sundry of brands and models of commercial kitchen equipment. The strategic positioning of our service department proved to be a great catalyst in increasing the profitability of the service department. Having been able to attain a higher, braoder level of technical skill to support 3rd party products, QKE look set to gain a strong foothold in the servicing segment of the commercial kitchen equipment industry.

  • 2006
    1. June

      Project Sales Department was set up. QKE had garnered sufficient capability, capacity and talent to enter the fray to garner project sales. Entire kitchen setup, layout, design, supply and commissioning can be executed. A modest start of a team of 3 in the Project Sales Department had seen it increased to 45 as at 31st December 2015.

    2. September

      QKE set up 10,000 sq ft leasehold factory space in Johor, Larkin. The decision was an easy one. The factory would allow QKE to control the quality output, contain cost and delivery date. It would reduce operating costs and have sufficient space to accommodate additional machinery and CNC machines.

  • 2009
    1. February

      Purchased a freehold factory in Johor Plentong Masai, a 20,000 sq ft space to accommodate accelerated business and expanded sales operations in Singapore.

  • 2013
    1. July

      Listed on the Catalist Board of the Singapore Stock Exchange.

  • Now