Manufacturing Capabilities

FY2015, JB Plentong houses our factory of 25,000 sq ft (about 20% increase since 2013) to accommodate increased fabrication works.

The factory had also installed 2 units of CNC machines, 1 unit of fully automated laser cut machine and a bending machine since 2013. These purchases were well spent as resources like material and manpower were drastically reduced. On top of that, elimination of human error in drafting, measurement and cutting can only mean quick production turnaround time. Automation in this way also freed up manpower for better deployment to other departments.

The scheduled weekly container truck to transport fabricated items to Singapore has been increased to twice weekly trips. Currently, the factory is planning for a thrice weekly delivery to meet the demands of accelerated sales.

Fabricated items were by and large sent out to the different sites/projects and not kept in the warehouse. This quick turnaround is through efficient planning and will translate into savings without extra storage/warehousing requirement.