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Board of Directors

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  • Tay-Tan Bee Kiew Eileen is our Independent Director and Chairman of the Group. She is currentlyan Independent Director and the Chairman of the Audit Committee of SGXST Catalist-listed Jason Marine Group Limited. She is also an Independent Director and Chairman of the Audit Committee of SGX-ST mainboard-listed Cordlife Group Limited. She is also a member of SPRING SEEDS Investment Panel. She was a partner of KPMG and also previously sat on the boards of Australian listed companies.

    Mrs Tay brought with her vast and in-depth experience in auditing, accounting, finance, taxation, mergers and acquisitions and public listing to Singapore Kitchen Equipment Limited. Under her trained eye and business advisory, SKE’s finance team was able to uphold the highest calibre in reporting, risk management and accounting governance.

  • Chua Chwee Choo Sally is one of 3 founding members, our Managing Director and appointed to the Board on 9th May 2013. Daily operations, spear-heading innovation in hardware and software aspects of operations, oversight of both the Sales and Marketing divisions, Sally also conceptualises strategic plans for implementation and execution for both short- and long-term goals.

    Under her leadership, Qson successfully garnered the prestigious Singapore Prestige Brands Award (SPBA) Established Brand category, under the auspices of Spring Singapore, in October 2015. This is in recognition of the high level of co-ordinated branding of Qson locally.

    Year 2015 was a rewarding year. Qson exceeded the corporate revenue target and expanded bottom line earnings percentage. Indeed, Sally had steered Qson in the right direction and given the right directives.

  • Lee Chong Hoe Alan is our co-founder and Executive Director (Technical and Maintenance Service) and appointed to the Board on 9th May 2013. Alan heads the Technical Department since inception. With rapid advancement in technological usage in the commercial kitchen equipment, Alan continually upgrades and skill-up the technical team to meet these challenges. Setting Qson apart from the rest is our ability to service and maintain different models, brands, types and series of kitchen equipment, even those not purchased from Qson. Under the leadership of Alan, our technical department had grown to be the largest in Singapore; 95 skilled technicians with a fleet of 25 vehicles on call 24/7, 365.

    As a first in the industry, Qson had successfully implemented Qson Service Call (QSC) App. Available both in Play and App Store, QSC App takes easy service to the next level.

  • Cheng Chun Choi Frankie is our co-founder and Executive Director (Production) and appointed to the Board on 9th May 2013. The entire factory and production is under the purview of Frankie. Besides the regular brick and mortar production, Frankie is responsible for innovation and creation of better (both aesthetic and operation) products. As a leader in the Chinese range equipment and every intention to stay the course, Frankie and team developed an environmentally friendly feature to the InnoFlame range, to reduce power consumption and noise level.

    Stainless steel production output outstrips the last 5 years’ target by 30%, coupled with resource savings in material through use of automation, the production department helped to increase the overall profitability of Qson.

  • Wong Hin Sun, Eugene is our Non-Executive Director and was appointed to our Board on 25th June 2013. He is the founder and Managing Director of venture capital investment company, Sirius Venture Capital Pte Ltd (Sirius). Eugene is a Non-Executive Chairman of CrimsonLogic Pte Ltd. He is also Non-Executive Director for Neo Group Limited, Japan Food Holding Ltd and Jason Marine Group Limited. Concurrently, he serves as board member of the Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA) and International Enterprise (IE) Singapore, Cargo Community Network Pte Ltd – a subsidiary of SIA Cargo – and Singapore Cruise Centre Pte Ltd.

    Through Eugene’s expanse of business contacts and his ability to match SKE with interested chain accounts customers and suppliers alike, Eugene had opened up opportunities for SKE to cut new deals and expand our network.

  • Ng How Hwan Kevin is our Independent Director and was appointed to our Board on 16th September 2013. He is currently the Vice President of Super Brands, a fully owned SGX-ST mainboard-listed ThaiBev, responsible for its international beer business. He is a Director of ThaiBev’s fully owned subsidiaries, Super Brands Company Pte Ltd, Interbev (Singapore) Pte Ltd, Oishi F&B (Singapore) Pte Ltd and InterBev Timor Unipessol LDA. Kevin also serves as a Non-Executive Independent Director of SGX-ST Exchange Catalist-listed Neo Group Limited and chairs the Remuneration Committee.

    Kevin brings to the table his 23 years’ experience in the food and beverage (F&B) industry, clearly understood the dynamics of F&B and what makes the workers tick. As a Remuneration Chairman of the Remuneration Committeeof SKE, Kevin steered and advised SKE on a sustainable game plan, a rewarding corroboration between stakeholders and workers.