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Our Business

The Group’s two key business segments are Fabrication and Distribution Segment and Maintenance and Servicing Segment.

Fabrication and Distribution Segment

Q’son manufactures and customises kitchen systems and equipment under its “Innoflame” brand. It is renowned for its Innoflame range for professional oriental cooking range. The Group also engages an OEM to manufacture commercial refrigerator equipment under its “Qoolux” brand. In addition, Q’son also sells and distributes imported kitchen systems, equipment and accessories by several established brands from Canada, Europe, Japan and the USA. Apart from fabricating and distributing commercial and industrial kitchen systems and equipment, Q’son provides design, consultancy and installation services to its customers based on their specifications and requirements. With its capabilities and experience in kitchen systems and equipment, Q’son is able to provide value-added advice and solutions for installation and maintenance of commercial and industrial kitchens.

One of the leading kitchen equipment maintenance and servicing providers in Singapore

Urgent repairs, cleaning and degreasing of kitchen equipment

On-the-job training for newly recruited technicians and periodic in-house training

Growing service team; increasing operational fleet of 25 vehicles

Maintenance and Servicing Segment

Q’son has the largest servicing team in Singapore providing kitchen equipment maintenance and technical servicing. Under the Group’s preventive annual maintenance agreements, its servicing team undertakes preventive maintenance works and repairs on kitchen equipment to ensure that they are in functioning and good working condition.

Q’son also provides equipment servicing capabilities on an ad-hoc basis and for urgent repairs, cleaning and degreasing of kitchen equipment, including exhaust hoods, ducts, and exhaust motors. The technical servicing team is certified and licensed by relevant authorities to construct and repair gas pipes and fittings, as well as install, repair and test gas appliances and gas meters.