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Corporate Profile

Operating name under Q’son Kitchen Equipment Pte Ltd (Qson), Singapore Kitchen Equipment Limited (SKE) has recorded growth since the inception of Qson. From a start up of 6 with an area of 300 sq ft to accommodate the office, workshop and warehouse under Qson, SKE was listed under the Catalist Board of the Singapore Stock Exchange on 22nd July 2013.

The main thrust of the listing for SKE was to raise the profile of the company. Immediately the stature of Qson was raised and attracted potential high-value clients and government agencies which subsequently successfully partnered Qson. It was a right move for Qson.

Total of 205 employees, with at least 30% more than 5 years with the company, Qson continued her expansion in fabrication and distribution of commercial kitchen equipment. The fabrication plant is in Johor Bahru, Plentong, a 30-minute drive from the Malaysian customs, 30,000 sq. ft using laser cut, CNC, bending and grinding machines to produce ten 40 foot containers a month of stainless steel equipment and auxiliary products for projects in Singapore.

Another profitable segment which is also the blood-life of Qson is in servicing, repair and maintenance of kitchen equipment. With 90 skilled and semi-skilled technicians and 26 vehicles, Qson operates a 24/7, 365 after sales support. The service team can and will repair, service and maintenance every model and type of kitchen equipment, even though these equipment were not purchased from Qson. Off the cuff estimate showed that for servicing, Qson garnered at least 70% of the local F&B industry. With the implementation of QSON SERVICE App, technical crew were dispatched more efficiently, promptly and effectively. It is an online service call, automatically directed to respective teams and saved in the server system. After-service reports, quotations and invoicing can be generated using this app. Qson invested $100K in this App through co-funding from the relevant authority. It was a step in the right direction.